Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rush Clockwork Angels tourbook now available online
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Clockwork Angels tourbookJohn over at has scanned and transcribed the Clockwork Angels tourbook and made it available online (*SPOILERS* images, transcription). Be warned that the tourbook contains several tour spoilers obviously. The images are a combination of photos from the Time Machine tour and Clockwork Angels recording sessions, with a few miscellaneous others sprinkled in. The text is comprised of the Neil Peart essay The Future As Seen From The Past that was made available online a few months ago at (it has since been taken down but is also available at There's also some tongue-in-cheek information on the band's gear. Alex Lifeson's piece includes some horrendously long website url to a domain that promises more information ... I won't spoil the surprise though. They also include a nice little tribute to the late Andrew MacNaughtan (who passed away earlier this year) along with some humorous joke portraits of the band:

A choice memory about working creatively with Andrew dates from 1992, when Rush was preparing for our Roll the Bones tour. My bandmates and I decided to have a little fun with the usual tourbook portraits - beginning a tradition that continued right up to the book for the Time Machine tour, in 2010-11.

All of us lived in Toronto in those days, so it was easy for us to get together with Andrew and plan our "surprises" (sometimes kept secret even from each other). We aimed for something that would show some humor, and also, perhaps, a little ... inner essence.

That first set of three portraits does not disappoint on those levels, I hope, but it is also noteworthy that even these "joke" settings were lighted and framed with artful care. They are light-hearted and silly, but photographed with a professional's craft and an artist's vision.

I once defined the highest possible plane of communication to be "art with jokes." That is a rarefied summit even to attempt, but once in a while, with Andrew, we made it.

You can check out the tourbook online at (images, transcription) and purchase a copy on tour or at the Rush Backstage Club. Thanks John!

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#10 - Posted 9/20/13 @12:53PM by 1357

What is a Rush Concert without the Tour Book! Getting all their Tour Books just about TOPS my Rush shopping list. The Tour Book is a MUST HAVE. Amos,N.Y.C.
#9 - Posted 9/12/12 @10:03AM by Hentor the Barbarian [contact]

#3 I had VIP seats at Bristow. I got Section 1, Row G, seats 3 and 4, which was essentially third row seating, but stage left, level with the stage mixing crew. That meant a great view of Geddy, Alex was off in the distance, and I never saw Neil play because Geddy's keyboard rig blocked the view. I suspect it was cheaper than paying for similar seats on stubhub but was it rationally worth the money? I don't know. I do know I'd do it again in a heartbeat! Haven't received the swag yet, you just get a lanyard and a commemorative ticket at the show.
#8 - Posted 9/11/12 @10:16PM by bensommer [contact]

Transcribing?? That's some serious geeksmanship!
#7 - Posted 9/11/12 @3:00PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

those pics made me smile. I'll be doing the same as #1.

that little drum room must have been at The Gorge??? how cool is that...
#6 - Posted 9/11/12 @1:33PM by gag2man [contact]

I have the "noses" framed and autographed in my office. Got it on Geddy's promotional tour.
#5 - Posted 9/11/12 @1:16PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

I like that (old) pic of Alex in the study/library. Very hip, even more so today.

I also like the pic of Alex on the private Rush jet. Anyone ever heard if they have a nickname for it? (Zeppelin had the "Starship", Kiss had one, but I forget what they called it). Maybe the tail number in N-2112? That'd be cool!

#4 - Posted 9/11/12 @1:08PM by Nicecoldbeer [contact]

Thanks for the posting of the tourbook. I have collected each one since Hemispheres and this is their best ever! Great tribute to Andrew as well!
#3 - Posted 9/11/12 @12:02PM by CraigJ [contact]

I think I will be saving this for when I get mine.

Has anyone that bought VIP packages received their stuff yet?

Can VIP purchasers post what seats they got?
#2 - Posted 9/11/12 @11:00AM by Micky [contact]

Ahahah...some faces from Alex are so funny...the picture in which he looks at Neil like saying: OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ? is sooo great !!!
Numero due anyway...:-)
#1 - Posted 9/11/12 @10:33AM by Liverpool 78

Thanks for ther chance to try before you buy John. I'll be ordering mine from backstage club to avoid lugging it around at the gig.


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