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Clockwork Angels tour second show setlist change rumor
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Friday night Rush opened up the Clockwork Angels tour at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. Remarkably they managed to keep the setlist under wraps right up until the show began. You can check out the opening night setlist along with photos, videos, reviews and more here. It has now come to my attention via Eric at Power Windows and a couple of other sources that the setlist for tonight's show in Bristow will be slightly different than opening night. To find all the details including both the A and B setlists click below the fold.

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#66 - Posted 9/11/12 @9:54PM by lifesonfan [contact]

This A/B setlist is an AWESOME idea! I love all Rush but I'm not going to lie. According to the rotation, St. Louis is going to miss "The Body Electric". That bums me out but oh well. With all the great "Power Windows" material, they should have just done the whole thing :) I know it's one of Geddy's favorites..
#65 - Posted 9/11/12 @8:10PM by BoltFromTheBlue [contact]

hindsigt play by the way based on

wmd seducution scenario


all Ellwood to me
#64 - Posted 9/11/12 @2:35PM by lerxst68 [contact]

A to B Different Degrees. They can play whatever they want to play. I hope for a setlist C/D/E............ Surprise :-))))))))))))
#63 - Posted 9/10/12 @6:54PM by Liverpool 78

It has just occurred to me that a lot of UK/European fans are going to be really pleased with the setlist, regardless of it being the A or B list because the Power Windows tour was a North American affair only and so we will be hearing a number of songs live for the first time.

Happy days.

#62 - Posted 9/10/12 @3:04PM by zkzt

Somebody posted about them permanently dropping some songs on the A or B setlist and making the setlist 100% unchanged after the first few weeks of the tour. Which is what they did on the Vapor Trails tour after some time. Now, I was thinking on whim what it would be like to go to one of the October shows on the "second leg" (phase?) of this North American tour.

Now, assuming they keep the A/B pattern but they suddenly keep the setlist the same each night, you are taking a calculated risk by attending these October shows. For out of towners spending extra on lodging/airfare/gas who are going to just to get different songs, its even more of a risk that probably isn't worth it for just a few songs.
#61 - Posted 9/10/12 @8:12AM by Chicken [contact]

#59 - I only posted it here because I posted it so late on the Manchester board. Wasn't sure if people would have moved on to this one since it was 2 days later. Sorry for any inconvenience.
#60 - Posted 9/10/12 @12:10AM by moving my pictures [contact]

Angry Beaver Bieber fever thats what yous got there sonny.Your whining when you should be dining on these kick ass set lists of kick ass Rush songs.Now shutyer damned whining yappers up before we send one of them big ole giant rabbits after your behind ....skiddaddle.
Funny post Chaka....... plan F hilarious loved it thanks!
All you setlist whiners best get to bed its past yer bedtime. Iam going to take a look at the tour schedule and see wich one of these kick my ass setlists Iam in store for . Soooooo stoked!
#59 - Posted 9/9/12 @11:32PM by moving my pictures [contact]

I shouldnt even waste this time posting .Chicken is reposting a book that he posted from fridays blog -thanks man we really wanted to read it twice.Then someone cuts down red sector A!You guys call yourself Rush fans .I dont think so .All RUSH songs kick ass! shtick it in your ear setlist whiners.Your not Rush fans.Your crybaby poser wannabe setlist dirty diaper want to write the setlist posers.
If you had survived the Holocaust maybe Red sector A would have an ounce of meaning to you.Does the Holocaust have any significance to you ?have you ever seen the picture of a small naked Jewish boy in line to a massive pit with a hat on and its his turn to jump down into a couple hundred dead bodies as a Nazi stands there with a pistol and gives them a bullet in the head.These people were knowing what was coming they could see it happening to others right in front of their face as they neared the pit starving and wondering why this was happening to them and what the hell was going on.Some crazy Bastard was trying to cleanse the world .This only happened seventy years ago.That haunting photo(the song is about a camp not that photo)does that have any significance to human nature and how people can act?Does the wreckers lyrics mean anything to you ?Does it say anything of significance about our lives about the putrid nature of how people can act and of how injust and undermining people can be to each other.If these songs dont mean anything to you and your whining about the setlist I will just tell you that you cant see the color of right .The setlist is awesome regardless of what they play and none of you whiners deserve to even say your a true Rush fan cause your not.Your Justin Bieber fever fans I know it.
#58 - Posted 9/9/12 @11:27PM by trixxi2112 [contact]

What's with all of the pitiful complaining?!?!?!?!?!?! Great band. Fun show. End of story. You are ruining it for every other city as well as Europe, which by the way I will hopefully see RUSH for a third time in London because I am NOT a fair weather fan...Lighten up people. Rude and ungrateful. Yeah, tickets aren't cheap these days, I know....After this tour RUSH will celebrate 40 years in music history as a band. If we are lucky, they will tour selectively and grace us with a performance filled with a cut from each release. After that, I would NOT be surprised it they packed it in so to speak and retired....This is a sad reality. JUST ENJOY THE FREAKING SHOW THEY ARE DOING NOW. Fortunately for me, I became a RUSH fan in the early 80's and saw all the tours through that decade. This tour was icing on the cake for me:-)
#57 - Posted 9/9/12 @11:11PM by CraigJ [contact]

Either is fine by me.

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