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Clockwork Angels tourbook and other merchandise now available at the Rush Backstage Club
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UPDATE - 9/7@8:23AM: Showtech Merchandising is the company that runs the Rush Backstage Club, and earlier this week they filed a lawsuit in federal court to try and fend off producers and sellers of knock-off shirts and other merchandise. Yesterday a federal judge upheld the lawsuit and ordered authorities to seize any unlicensed merchandise (thanks briano):

A federal judge on Thursday ordered federal marshals and local police to seize any unlicensed Rush T-shirts, recordings or other memorabilia that spring up in Pittsburgh over the next week and also authorized similar actions in other venues where the group will perform during its national tour. ...

----- snip -----

Clockwork Angels tourbookThe Rush Backstage Club has rolled out some new Clockwork Angels tour merchandise in the lead up to tomorrow's opening night show in Manchester, NH. The new merchandise includes several t-shirts, a keychain, a wristband, and the Clockwork Angels tourbook. You can check it all out at this location (thanks Dan D). And in case you missed yesterday's post, they are also running a contest to win a meet & greet with members of Rush! For all the details and to enter the contest go here.

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#63 - Posted 9/7/12 @10:22AM by jiminseattle [contact]

Rock n' roll!
#62 - Posted 9/7/12 @10:11AM by zkzt

You know what would have been cool? A T-shirt of that tourbook cover with the quasi Signals tribute/watchmaker dalmation? There's an idea.
#61 - Posted 9/7/12 @9:18AM by jupeguyowensound [contact]

God-dang it,I wish I was there! Have a great time today and tonight for the first show of the CA Tour everyone.Keep us posted.
#60 - Posted 9/7/12 @7:51AM by CheeseCorn [contact]

@57 - The one thing I noticed right away is that the "Continue Shopping" button is apparently not working. Everything else is working ok for me.


I was planning on getting the CA Henley along with some other items for the family. But I had to wait for awhile (an hour or two) before everyone could come tell me what they wanted. Then when I was ready to place my order, the XXL for the Henley is no longer available!

I'm hoping this is a glitch and it will magically appear again soon! They can't be sold out already!?!?!
#59 - Posted 9/7/12 @7:32AM by hermy [contact]

Good morning Manchester!
#58 - Posted 9/7/12 @7:07AM by Liverpool 78

On my digital photo frame a picture of myself and Andrew McNaughtan, taken at EUCON during the S&A tour has just rolled by, prompting to me to wonder how the band will mark his passing during this tour.

Perhaps a page in the programme or a series of his band photographs, or maybe they will play 'Afterimage' to mark not only his passing but others previously associated with them?

#57 - Posted 9/7/12 @4:40AM by rg1 [contact]

Is it me or is the backstage website fscked up....a lot of merch items say no permission to view....and the M&G page is missing.....Im a techie geek and totally offended by the quality control amateur hour right before opening night!
#56 - Posted 9/7/12 @4:35AM by rg1 [contact]

Flew into Boston today...ready for the show...dont know why but Im wide awake....
Cant sleep....would love to hear some oldies like best I again...lesson...of cours Jacobs Ladder...Necromancer would be awesome...anything from cool.would it be to have a setlist with only songs the havent played live in over 10 years...ok maybe I am asleep and dreaming..15 more hours to go....cant wait for The Wreckers!!
#55 - Posted 9/7/12 @3:41AM by lapirata2 [contact]

Whelp, I hate to brag and such, but in an incredible run of events I met Rush earlier tonight in a quaint New England town near the shore. We were just hanging out enjoying some candlepin bowling in a little town outside Boston and they invited me to dine with them. It was pretty cool and these were just regular guys. Then, out of the blue Alex looks at me with a serious face and said, "Hey LaPirata, you seem like you are a pretty dope guy." If you had your choice, what are the top 10 songs you'd like to hear on this year - Keep in mind we have a modest string section touring with us."

Well bust my britches. "That is the most wicked cook thing anyone has ever asked me in my life!" Lemme think about that for a bit while we work on this lobstah and claw chodah".

So after some quick but careful though I spilled out a top 10 Rush songs off the beaten track that I'd love to hear on this tour.

So I wrote this down on a napkin:

(10)Nobody's Hero
(9) Xanadu (With a full blown intro with no triggers)
30 years Signals annversary miniset seems appropo
(7)The Weapon
(6)Losing It
(4)Jacob's Ladder
(3)Vapor Trails
(2)Manhattan Project
(1)Cygnus X-1
#54 - Posted 9/7/12 @2:46AM by mystic chicken [contact]

I would like to see them play Where's My Thing again. That was a great song live from the RTB tour. They got the grammy nod for Leave That Thing Alone but I think WMT is a superior song. I think they could do Tears with the string section that would be a good way to represent 2112, if needed. I think with the retirement of the space shuttles it would be cool to play Countdown as well.

I would also like to see them bring back Earthshine and it would really, really be amazing if they played Freeze or Out of the Cradle. Man with each passing year Vapor Trails gets more and more classic. That album is still growing in my opinion. For me, some Rush albums take years to fully appreciate. Loved Earthshine on the VT tour.

How many of you out there think it would have been cool if they had done The Real Me (The Who) on the Feedback album? When that album came out that was the first Who song I thought of that would have been cool for Rush to cover. They would have cracked the ceiling with that one!!

Just a little rambling about Rush. Let the tour begin!!

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