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Clockwork Angels: The Novel official press release
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Clockwork Angels bookBack in February we learned that sci-fi author and friend of Neil Peart Kevin J. Anderson would be writing a novelization of Rush's upcoming Clockwork Angels album which would be released in the Fall by ECW Press. The official press release announcing the novel was released this afternoon via Anderson's website. From the press release:

... "This is a dream project for me," Anderson says. "I have always envisioned epic stories when listening to Rush music, and now working with Neil, it's possible to translate those stories to the printed page. Clockwork Angels: The Novel turned out even better than we had hoped. I think it's one of my very best books."

"As my 38 years with Rush will attest, I very much enjoy collaboration with like-minded artists," Peart says. "Working up this story with Kevin was one of the easiest, yet most satisfying projects I have ever shared-easiest, because we almost always simply agreed with each other's ideas, and most satisfying because I am so proud of the result." ...

You can read the entire press release at this link. Clockwork Angels: The Novel will be 264 pages long and release this September to coincide with the launch of Rush's North America tour. The press release also reveals that the hardcover edition will contain full-color illustrations by Syme and that the audiobook will be narrated by Neil Peart himself.

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#21 - Posted 5/31/12 @10:57PM by How f---ing cool is Geddy Lee. [contact]

I should follow up to say that Neil has improved. I picked up Taking Center Stage a week ago and it's the best one in terms of Neil's ease with his speaking, but he's still not the ideal choice for a full-length audio-book. I remember there was an excerpt of Roadshow(?) available a few years back. It was painful to listen to just about a page worth of that. I could not imagine the whole book -- certainly not in one sitting.

My favorite drummer by far. Not my favorite narrator.

#20 - Posted 5/31/12 @4:53PM by Tai Shan [contact]

I've always enjoyed Neil's interviews on the Jim Ladd specials, so I've got high hopes for the audiobook.
#19 - Posted 5/31/12 @4:34PM by limelighter [contact]

neil should do the audio just like he did during the parts of the necromancer.
#18 - Posted 5/31/12 @3:42PM by How f---ing cool is Geddy Lee. [contact]

About the only Rush blasphemy you'll ever hear from me: Neil is not a good choice to read the audio-book. He's much too monotone -- and when he's not, you can sense how much effort he is putting into modulating and inflecting his voice (it must be genetic/environmental, because his dad talks the same way in BTLS). It's the worst part of watching his drumming DVD's, which I buy even though I'm a bass player (to give you some sense of my fanboy cred).

#17 - Posted 5/30/12 @9:45PM by lapirata2 [contact]

T-minus 14 and counting...
#16 - Posted 5/30/12 @1:54PM by jaeger [contact]

I find it interesting that Neil is collaborating with KJA, who has written books in the Dune series, which had a movie that Sting (Police, ding ding) acted in. Small, interesting world of fantasy, I guess. :)
#15 - Posted 5/30/12 @1:04PM by yosef [contact]

#13, yes the clock would be great. I actually sent rushbackstage a quick email with the idea and they had no plans for it yet but forwarded it. Crap, I'd prawley by a few.
#14 - Posted 5/30/12 @12:30PM by limelighter [contact]

i remember at the second rushcon that a signed neil peart masked rider book sold for 400$.
i hear it is worth quite a bit for his signature on an 8 by 10 photo. with COA of course.
#13 - Posted 5/30/12 @12:26PM by subdivincent [contact]

when are they gonna release the Clockwork Angels clock? I want one o those..
#12 - Posted 5/30/12 @11:53AM by Jodeo [contact]

So I wonder who will buy the movie rights...

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