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Neil Peart's Far and Away: A Prize Every Time released
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Neil Peart's 5th full-length book Far and Away: A Prize Every Time began shipping today. The original release date had been given as May 1st but the Rush Backstage Club, Amazon and other retailers have already begun shipping it. Neil spoke at length about the book in the most recent update at

... I have long wanted the stories I write for this department to be "dignified" and made permanent by appearing in print, and at last I made it happen. ... I needed a title and subtitle, which would help direct the design of a cover, which I would develop with Hugh Syme, as usual. ... All in all, it was a solid two months of work, but I was delighted to see it truly coming together-a collection of stories that had been written and published independently now took on a unity, a single narrative span, that covered almost four years of my life. At first I had been daunted by having to write the "Intro" and "Outro," but they proved to be the keystones in framing the twenty-two individual stories, to make it feel like one. ...

He gives some background on the cover photograph in this passage:

... The cover photograph I chose was taken by our Master of All Things Creative, Greg Russell, while he and I were riding together in Central California in 2008, on the Snakes and Arrows tour. The setting is the Westgard Pass, between Nevada and California, and at the time of using the photograph in a story called "South by Southwest," I remarked that it was the kind of spacious photo you didn't often see in motorcycling magazines. (They tend to focus on the hardware.) However, this panorama certainly captured an element of what I love about motorcycling, and nicely exemplified the title, and the subtitle. ...

Back in early February the Rush Backstage Club began taking orders for a limited edition hardcover edition of the book priced at $74.99 and immediately sold out all 500 copies within just 1 day. According to the official sellsheet (PDF 180KB) the regular hardcover edition is 8x10", 260 pages, with 4-color throughout and 150 photos. You can purchase your copy at this link.

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#29 - Posted 6/11/11 @6:41AM by SuperMegaUberGenius [contact]

LAST~ endurance
FIRST ~ relax
#28 - Posted 4/5/11 @10:07PM by Ajax5 [contact]

I think I enjoy Neil's writing partially because he is willing to share in writing what he might not be able to spill in person. I'm an introvert (although situationally quite social), and a lot of what he describes about his reaction to adoring fans is familiar to me. I don't have adoring fans, but I also would rather write about myself than talk about myself, and I've received some significant awards in a couple of clubs I'm a part of, so I've gotten a tiny taste of what it feels like to be approached as some sort of mightier-than-the-mere-mortal figure rather than as just a person. Yep, it makes me embarrassed and I want to just run. So I get where he's coming from. I'm also geekily overeducated and love it when someone makes references to something nerdy that I like, too, and he makes plenty of those references. I get the feeling that Neil would be just fine discussing one of those shared passions. And when I read the books, it's kind of like doing that.
#27 - Posted 4/5/11 @4:11PM by winstontizzer [contact]

i'm really really looking forward to seeing the band here in the uk next month.As a drummer especially such a fan and admirer of Neil, I have recently got heavily back into the music i first heard 30 years ago with fond memories and bewilderment at how great all three of them are as players and as good guys.Wow, brings a smile to my face to recall first seeing the Hemispheres album! i'm intrigued by the stories i read recently about NP's relationship with fans. I didnt know much to be honest about his life but listening to the music and such has given me the chance to fully appreciate the band and the players and especially NP and i cant imagine what that guy has been through.Id love to just shake him by the hand and say you are the greatest drummer i have ever heard and thanks for the musical inspiration and enjoyment and thats it. From what ive read, that's pretty unlikely though! I dont suppose he takes kindly to any intrusion which sounds a shame. Im sure zillions of other fans feel the same..
#26 - Posted 4/3/11 @11:52AM by John E. [contact]

The Masked Rider was unreadable. That one hurt. I thought Traveling music was good as was Roadshow.
#25 - Posted 4/2/11 @9:59PM by JesseZ [contact]

#24 I can appreciate where you're coming from. I enjoy Neil's books for one main reason: They've helped me appreciate more the details of travel. He's written about specific places I've been too, or close by, especially in California, and that has inspired me to take roads less travelled, literally.
#24 - Posted 4/2/11 @7:57PM by vsrovert [contact]

I hate to say this, but I do agree with the negative comments regarding Neil's books. I did like The Masked Rider and Ghost Rider but the last two books were disappointing and, dare I say it, boring to me. To be honest, I found some of his writings insulting. Criitcizing fans who want to shake a hand or get an autograph signed, criticizing fans from certain cities for being boring (London UK), chanting too loud (Milan Italy). The same fans who are putting 'gas money' in his wallet. And you know what, I don't feel any less of a person because I drive an SUV instead of a Motorbike and prefer to take the Interstate because my kids like to take breaks on the way.

What I like to read by Neil is stuff about the BAND. What goes on behind the scenes of a tour, what the OTHER guys like to do while touring but these stories are few and far between in Neil's books. Rush is secondary and he doesn't hide his feelings on that. I have always found Neil to be a hypocrite. He maintains he leads a private life, but spills all of these private stories onto the pages. Then he can't understand why people think they know him when they meet him. Reading Neil's books, I know way more about him than Alex or Geddy. And, finally, I hate the fact that he invites the fans to buy his books and then tells stories in the books that basically say 'If you see me on the street, stay the f**k away from me!'.......Nice.

No, I'm not buying it this time. I Love Rush though and can't wait to see them in Hamilton!!

PS-Attack me if you will but it's just my opinion. I don't mean to disrespect anyone who enjoys his books.
#23 - Posted 4/2/11 @4:06PM by Louis2112 [contact]

Unless you are one of the lucky 500 to get the book for $75.00 smackers plus shipping you might as well wait for a cheaper version or wait for e-books etc. to read his books. I can't read his books in one sitting I have to take them in intervals. They are good but they kinda drone at times...hey just my opinion. But I think this animosity about Neil stems from the fact that he doesn't want to meet his adoring fans because it embarrasses know make millions-- deal with it...I love you Neil but deal with it...hey once you get passed the adoration fans will settle down and you are eventually just one of the guys and we can kick back and have a beer or something...just some thoughts and observations from a Rush Fan...see you in Austin...
#22 - Posted 4/2/11 @2:29PM by musicofthespheres [contact]

#13 - i think the stories are much more than internet blog posts. they're carefully structured and reviewed by an editor. i think book format is a better outlet for them. i wouldn't mind if he loses the website.

I think he's at his best as a lyric writer, and has yet to find his best prose format. but collections of shorter tales may be it, imo. or else he has to give non-fiction a try. I'll read anything he does cuz he's got interesting things to say, but his longer travel narratives do have a tendency to be wordy and repetitive and wikipedia-reliant.
#21 - Posted 4/2/11 @12:02PM by Rushian Roulette [contact]

@ #12...LOL
#20 - Posted 4/2/11 @10:58AM by soozm32 [contact]

#14-That thought entered my mind, but being the English teacher that I am, well....

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