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Sun, Oct 13, 2019

Album Discography and Lyrics

Snakes & Arrows Live

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  • Snakes & Arrows Live

    Released April, 2008

    Album Credits

    Recorded at the Ahoy Arena, October 16 and 17, 2007 in Rotterdam, Holland ("Isn't that weird?")

    On-site Audio Producer Francois Lamoureux, assisted by Brian Mercier
    Mixed by Richard Chycki and Alex Lifeson
    Audio Post Production Mixland Music & DVD, Toronto and Lerxst Sound, Toronto
    Mobile Truck: B&R Medientechnik, Bernd Kugler, Marc Lenz,
    Timo Ostermann, Remi Romagny, Jan Wrede
    Mastered by Andy VanDette, Masterdisk. New York, NY
    Executive Producer: Pegi Cecconi

    Art Direction, Illustration and Design by Hugh Syme
    Photography by Andrew MacNaughtan and Ross Halfin

    The Snakes & Arrows Tour Crew

    Tour Manager and Tour Accountant: Liam Birt
    Production Manager: Craig (C.B.) Blazier
    Production Assistant: Karin (K.B.) Blazier
    Road Manager: Donovan Lundstrom
    Artist Liaison: Shelley Nott
    Concert Sound Engineer: Brad Madix
    Lighting Director: Howard Ungerleider

    Keyboard Tech: Tony Geranios
    Drum Tech: Lorne Wheaton
    Bass Tech: Russ Ryan
    Guitar Tech: Bobby Huck
    Carpenter / Stage Manager: George Steinert
    Nutritionist: Bruce (Frenchie) French
    Monitor Engineer: Brent Carpenter
    Security: Michael Mosbach, Kevin Ripa
    Programming: Jim Burgess, Ed WHson
    Riggers: John Fletcher, Jack Richard, Raffaele Buono, Chris Sorensen
    Audio Crew: Jo Ravitch, Anson Moore, Daniel Taake
    Lighting Crew: Rich Vinyard, Greg Haygood, Randy Garrett, Matt Tucker, Greg Szoba
    Video Crew: David Davidian, Bob Larkin, Bill Quinn, Nick Strand
    Lasers Tech: Andrew Seabeck
    Pyro Tech: John Arrowsmith
    TNA Rep: Keith Keller
    Motorcycle Guru: Brutus
    Truck Drivers: Arthur (Mac) McLear, Jon Cordes, Don Johnson, Tom Hartman,
    Dick Albrecht, Henry McBride, Greg Glazer, Matt Kenward, Gary Workman, Andy Goddard. Nigel Webber,
    Marc Coleman, Danny MacIntosh, Steve Berry, Andrew Mellor,
    Steve Spillman, Adrian Green
    Bus Drivers: David Burnette, Lashawn Lundstrom, Marty Beeler, Joe C. Bush, Bob Reetz
    Mark Baddams, Geoff Parnaby, Dave Good, Andrew Forster. Uwe Scholz
    Catering Crew: Toni Leen, Hugh McFarlane, Simon Greenfield, Vivien Dale

    Tour Merchandise: Patrick McLoughlin

    Management: Ray Danniels, SRO Management Inc., Toronto
    Management Staff: Pegi Cecconi, Sheila Posner, Anna LeCoche, Shelley Nott.
    Cynthia Barry, Andy Curran, Rayanne Lepieszo, Randy Rolfe and Bob Farmer

    In loving memory of our own Miss Shelley Nott -- you will be with us always.

    Atlantic/Anthem, April 15, 2008
    ) 2008 Atlantic Recording Corporation