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Sun, Apr 21, 2024

Album Discography and Lyrics

Rush Through Time

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  • Rush Through Time

    Released January, 1981
    Murcury Holland/Mercury Mexico

    Album Credits

    Fly By Night (3:21)
    Making Memories (2:58)
    Bastille Day (4:37)
    Something For Nothing (3:59)
    Cinderella Man (4:21)
    Anthem (4:22)
    I. Overture (4:32)
    II. Temples of Syrinx (2:13)
    The Twilight Zone (3:17)
    Best I Can (3:25)
    Closer To The Heart (2:53)
    In The End (6:47)

    Geddy Lee - Bass/Accoustic Guitar/Vocals
    Alex Lifeson - Accoustic And
    Electric Guitars
    Neil Peart - Drums/Percussion

    Made in Holland by Murcury
    Marketed by Phonogram, 1981
    Catalog #6337-171

    Made in Mexico by Mercury
    Distributed Polygram Records
    Mexico, SA de CV, 1981
    Catalog #LPR 19049