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Album Discography and Lyrics

Retrospective III: 1989-2008

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  • Retrospective III: 1989-2008

    Released March, 2008

    Album Credits

    One Little Victory (remix)
    Workin' Them Angels
    The Pass
    Roll The Bones
    Ghost Of A Chance (live)
    Nobody's Hero
    Leave That Thing Alone
    Earthshine (remix)
    Far Cry

    Geddy Lee: bass guitar, bass pedals, synthesizers, vocals

    Alex Lifeson: electric and acoustic guitar, synthesizers

    Neil Peart: drums, percussion, electronic percussion

    Assembled by Andy VanDette
    Mastered by Andy VanDette, Masterdisk, New York

    Art Direction and Design by Hugh Syme
    The Colbert Report courtesy of Comedy Central copyright 2008

    Management by Ray Daniels, SRO Management Inc., Toronto, Canada

    All songs written by Lee/Lifeson/Peart
    except Leave That Thing Alone (Lee/Lifeson)/The Seeker (Peter Townshend)
    Atlantic/Anthem, March 3, 2009
    copyright 2009 Atlantic Recording Corporation