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Sun, Apr 21, 2024

Album Discography and Lyrics

Grace Under Pressure

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  • Grace Under Pressure

    Released April, 1984

    US Billboard Peak: 10

    US Sales: Platinum

    Album Credits

    Geddy Lee - Bass Guitars/
    Alex Lifeson - Guitars/Synthesizers
    Neil Peart - Drums/Accoustic And
    Electronic Percussion

    Produced by Rush and Peter Henderson
    Engineered by Peter Henderson

    In Memory of Robbie Whelan

    Mercury, April 12, 1984

  • Track List

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    1) Distant Early Warning (4:59)

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    2) Afterimage (5:04)

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    3) Red Sector A (5:10)

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    4) The Enemy Within (Part I of Fear) (4:34)

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    5) The Body Electric (5:00)

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    6) Kid Gloves (4:18)

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    7) Red Lenses (4:42)

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    8) Between the Wheels (5:44)

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