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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Album Discography and Lyrics

Caress Of Steel

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  • Caress Of Steel

    Released September, 1975

    US Billboard Peak: 113

    US Sales: Gold

    Album Credits

    Geddy Lee - Bass/Accoustic Guitar/Vocals
    Alex Lifeson - Accoustic And Electric Guitars
    Neil Peart - Drums/Percussion

    Produced by Rush and Terry Brown

    Mercury/Polygram, September 1975

    Dedicated to the memory of Mr. Rod Serling

  • Track List

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    1) Bastille Day (4:37)

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    2) I Think I'm Going Bald (3:37)

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    3) Lakeside Park (4:08)

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    4) The Necromancer (12:30)

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    5) The Fountain of Lamneth (19:59)

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