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Mon, May 20, 2024

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What do you think about Neil Peart's collaboration with Vertical Horizon?

Posted on 07.31.09

It's really cool. I like that he did it and I like the end result. 35 41.2%
Who's Vertical Horizon? 14 16.5%
It's cool that he's doing side projects, but I'd rather see him work with someone else. 14 16.5%
Neil should focus on Rush - forget the side projects! 10 11.8%
I couldn't care less what Neil does outside of Rush. 8 9.4%
I would have liked to see him more prominently featured on the album. 3 3.5%
I like that he's doing side projects, but I dislike what he did with Vertical Horizon. 1 1.2%