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Sat, May 18, 2024

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What was your favorite question from Rush's Colbert Show interview?

Posted on 07.18.08

(Stephen) Have you ever written a song so epic that by the end of the song you were actually being influenced by yourself at the beginning of the song? 190 46.8%
(Jimmy) You have yet to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Is there any chance that your next album will be called That's Bullshit? 115 28.3%
(Jimmy) Do you ever get tired of being so awesome and kicking so much ass? 57 14.0%
(Stephen) Neil, how many drums do you have in your kit? Is there any chance you have a drum dependency? 19 4.7%
(Stephen) Is my show [The Colbert Report] going to show up on the tour t-shirt? 11 2.7%
(Jimmy) Neil, what's your favorite color? 7 1.7%
(Stehpen) What are your fans called? Rushians? Do you have special names for your fans? 4 1.0%
(Jimmy) Will you sign my host? 3 0.7%
(Stephen) Who were your influences when you were starting out? 0 0.0%