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Mon, May 20, 2024

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What do you think was the highlight of Rush's Rock Hall induction ceremony?

Posted on 04.26.13

Alex Lifeson's acceptance speech: Blah, blah, blah 138 43.1%
Booing of Jann Wenner and 2-minute standing ovation after Rush's introduction 68 21.2%
Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins induction speech: When the f**k did Rush become cool? 41 12.8%
Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins and Nick Raskulinecz performing 2112: Overture in full kimonos and wigs 29 9.1%
Neil Peart's acceptance speech: We've been saying for years that this wasn't a big deal. It turns out, it kinda is. 22 6.9%
Rush performing Tom Sawyer and The Spirit of Radio 10 3.1%
None of the above 6 1.9%
Geddy Lee's acceptance speech: This is all a little overwhelming for a nice Jewish boy from Toronto 3 0.9%
Crossroads all-star jam to close the evening 3 0.9%