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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Today Was Yesterday release music video for My New Low featuring Rush's Alex Lifeson

Wed, Jun 5, 2024@10:00AM | comments

Today Was Yesterday are a music duo consisting of drummer, percussionist and programmer Ty Dennis and lead vocalist, primary songwriter, bassist, guitarist, pianist and programmer Angelo Barbera. Back in February the duo officially released their self-titled debut album, which features Rush's Alex Lifeson on most of the album's 10 tracks, two of which were released to streaming in the lead-up to the album's release. In December they released the track Grace and in January they posted the official lyric video for A Louder Silence. Grace and A Louder Silence are just two of the six tracks on the album that feature Lerxst; he's also included on the tracks On My Own, My Dog Is My God, Faceless Faraway Song, and My New Low. Today the band released the official, animated video for My New Low, and you can check it out below or on YouTube. The album is available to purchase at this location.