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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Alex Lifeson talks Lerxst Amps, Grace Under Pressure and more in new Guitar World magazine interview

Mon, May 6, 2024@5:20PM | comments

A new interview with Rush's Alex Lifeson is featured in the May 2024 edition of Guitar World magazine where Lerxst talks about his current offering of signature gear at Lerxst Amps, along with a few other subjects, including the possibility of working with his Rush bandmate on some new music. Alex gives the same answer he's given in a number of recent interviews, which basically comes down to, "maybe":

... Um... Don't know. [Laughs] Really, there's so much stuff in the airwaves these days about Geddy and I getting back together and doing something. And I think it's partly because of the way things went nine years ago, when we finished touring. We were at a high point, and we were playing really well. The show looked great. I think a lot of our fans felt, you know, why now? But we broke up the band basically for Neil. And he had valid reasons. He was tired. He couldn't play at the level he demanded from him-self. So he felt it was time. But I think that for a lot of Rush fans there wasn't a feeling of closure. So there's a hope that we'd get back together. I will say that doing this book tour with Geddy [for Lee's 2023 memoir, My Effin' Life], I did a few of the stops with him, and it's kind of reignited interest in us getting out and playing. And the shows that we did last year for Taylor Hawkins [at the 2022 Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concerts] were inspiring, too. So for a little while I thought, you know, it'd be kind of good to get back out. And then I thought... nah, not really. [Laughs] I mean, we toured for 40 years. I'm not interested in going back out on tour. I don't wanna sit in a hotel room for hours and hours and hours to work for a couple of hours. Been there, done it, loved it. But that's in the past. So whether Ged and I get back together again and write or do any-thing, we'll see. Until then, there's plenty to work on, you know?

The full issue is available for reading in digital form online here.
It also includes an article highlighting some of the better-known rock albums of 1984, including Rush's Grace Under Pressure, and Guitar World has made the entire piece available online here.