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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Rush reference on latest episode of the TBS animated comedy series American Dad!

Wed, Nov 9, 2022@10:47AM | comments

Seth MacFarlane's American Dad! is an animated sitcom that originally aired on FOX, but has called TBS home since 2014. The show is currently in its 19th season, and the latest episode (Season 19, Episode 16 - I Heard You Wanna Buy Some Speakers) included a lengthy Rush reference. In the episode, Barry blows out his dad's speakers and asks Snot for help. Snot then takes Barry to see Roger (as his audiophile persona Wally) who proceeds to show off his own killer speaker system. When the pair arrive, Roger asks Barry what album he brought to listen to. Barry didn't bring anything so Roger takes matters into his own hands and pulls out a copy of Rush's debut album and says, "I feel stupid for even asking, but you guys are huge Rush fans, yes?". He then drops the needle on Working Man to start things off, listens for a while and then insists they also listen to the song on cassette, CD, and 8-track. The clip lasts about a minute-and-a-half and you can check it out below or on YouTube at this location. This is not the first major Rush reference to be seen on the show; an episode back in Season 8 included a Rush reference where Steve and Snot play air-guitar to 2112. Thanks to John at for the heads up and screenshot. John also has a higher-quality version of the scene available for viewing here.