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Tue, May 30, 2023

CODA Records to release 6 new limited-edition live Rush picture discs in Europe

Sat, May 15, 2021@11:09AM | comments

UK-based CODA Records is known for releasing recordings of past concerts that had been broadcast live on radio at some point in the past, and are now in the public domain in Europe. Although they are not in general officially-authorized by the artists, they are legal due to differing copyright laws in Europe as opposed to North America. CODA will be releasing 6 new, limited-edition, live Rush picture discs in Europe this coming Thursday, May 20th. The titles include Rush - Finding the Way (1974 live radio broadcast), Rush - A Passage To Syrinx (1980 live radio broadcast, full 2112 suite), Rush - Radio Waves (1980 live radio broadcast), Rush - Flying By Night (1974 live radio broadcast at Electric Lady studios), Rush - 2112 Live in Concert (live radio broadcast, entire 2112), and Rush - Hemispheres...The Last Night (Pinkpop Festival in Holland, June 1979 live radio broadcast). Most of these releases have generally been available as bootleg recordings for many years, and some have also been previously released by CODA and other companies, with some portions even appearing on official box set releases. You can get more information and pre-order (as import outside Europe) at this location. Thanks to Darl H for the heads up.