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Wed, May 31, 2023

Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson wish Peter Criss a happy 75th birthday

Mon, Dec 21, 2020@12:35PM | comments

Original KISS drummer Peter Criss celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday and his wife Gigi put together a massive, all-star tribute video to the iconic drummer to wish him a happy birthday. Dozens of fellow rock icons and celebrities posted short video birthday wishes to Peter including Rush's Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson. Here's what Geddy and Alex had to say:

Hey Peter. Sending you great, happy birthday wishes from the Great White North. I think the last time we spent your birthday together was in 1974 after a gig we did at the Michigan Palace. It was quite a party if I recall (laughs). So anyway, I'm glad you're good. Have a great day and stay safe. All my best man. - Geddy Lee

Hey Peter. It's Alex. How're you doing? Happy birthday buddy, from the Great White North. Brrrr. Take it easy. See ya. - Alex Lifeson

You can watch Ged and Al's birthday greeting below or at this location at around the 18-minute mark (thanks Rick F).