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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Carton Brewing in New Jersey honors Neil Peart with charity craft beer Pronounced Pier-T

Thu, Mar 5, 2020@10:12AM | comments

Central New Jersey craft brewery company Carton Brewing unveiled a new lime-lighted Canadian lager yesterday which honors the late Neil Peart, who passed away from brain cancer in January. The name of the beer is Pronounced Pier-T, playing off the often mispronounced late drummer's last name, and combines Pilsner and Vienna malts with Motueka hops and lime puree for a beer that is playful, crisp and incredibly refreshing. The beer can be purchased at Carton's East Washington Avenue tasting room at the appropriate cost of $21.12 per four-pack, with all of the proceeds to be donated in Peart's name to to glioblastoma research. Brewery co-founder Augie Carton and lead brewer Mike Stark were interviewed for USA Today about the beer and explain how it came about:

"I get Rush. I love Rush. Those of you that know what I'm talking about, know what I'm talking about," ... "We lost Neil, and that made me really sad. I tried to find a way to make that feel better." ... "I'm really proud of the product," said Carton lead brewer Mike Stark. "I think it came out really nice, and I'm proud I get to do it for a charity like that." Stark began developing a lime-enhanced lager prior to Peart's death, but said he was listening to Rush as he brewed the final product to get a bit of inspiration. ... "We like to drink off the beaten craft and do things off the beaten craft," he said, "and so we take a different look, a different approach at things when it comes to putting our recipes together, putting flavors together in a beer, much as Neil did with his time signatures and different drumming techniques and styles throughout his songs. We kind of echo that through our beers and our brewing process."