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Thu, Jun 8, 2023

Watch Alex Lifeson play on the the World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard

Fri, Aug 30, 2019@8:42PM | comments

Multi-instrumentalist/guitarist and YouTube star Rob Scallon recently set out to break the world record for the World's Largest Guitar Pedalboard with some help from Sweetwater Sound. They constructed the pedalboard at a venue near Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, IN and Scallon then performed a show showcasing the rig to complete the requirements for a World Record as described in this article:

... Scallon, performing an original composition for listeners who were gathered to witness this first-ever performance utilizing the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS World's Largest Guitar Effect Pedalboard. But the word "largest" really doesn't do it justice. It's massive. Comprised of 319 effects pedals on 34 individual pedalboards running into a giant wall of Marshall amps, the sound is both ethereal and overwhelming, swirling and aggressive. As the last chord rings out in waves upon waves of delays, Rob runs from row to row, pedal to pedal, adjusting dozens of knobs (of the 1,000+ knobs available) and reveling in a sound that he never could have imagined just a few short months ago. ...

The entire process was captured in this YouTube video, and at about the 21-minute mark, a very special guest popped in for a visit:

.. For the icing on the cake, we had a special guest artist drop by. Guess who just happened to be in town and wanted to try his hand on this largest pedalboard in the world? None other than Alex Lifeson of Rush. It's fascinating that no matter how famous you are, you still love getting a chance to geek out with other guitar players. Alex is no different. ...

You can watch Alex play with the pedalboard below or on YouTube at this location. Sweetwater will be giving away the pedalboard in their monthly contest which you can enter at this link. Thanks to Eric N for the heads up.