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Thu, May 30, 2024

Rush's Closer to the Heart is the latest cover from twin harpist duo Camille and Kennerly

Thu, Mar 21, 2019@10:29AM | comments

Twin harpist duo Camille and Kennerly are known for their harp covers of popular rock songs which they post to the 500K+ subscribers to their YouTube channel. Their latest project is a cover of Rush's Closer to the Heart which they posted to their channel yesterday with the following description (thanks RushFanForever):

... "Closer to the Heart" is our very first Rush cover! We wanted to do justice to this iconic classic, so we arranged the whole song (including the solo) and we absolutely love how it turned out! We think the harps give the song a beautiful and ethereal quality, and we think that our new polyphonic guitar effects pedal adds to the celestial resonance. We also wanted to keep the driving beat of the song, which created some fun syncopation between the 2 harps. We recorded this track on our electro-acoustic Concert Grand harps, but filmed on our acoustic Concert Grands since they were what we had with us on this particular performance trip. We love the timeless and important message of this song and we hope that our interpretation will encourage others to "mold a new reality, closer to the heart". Oh, and that cool sound that you hear at the opening screen is the wind playing the harps on location! Pretty magical, we think! ;) ;) This video was filmed by our mom on our phone. Everything you hear in our arrangement is exactly how we perform it live with our 2 harps: no backing tracks, loops, or harp overlays. Please let us know if you enjoyed "Closer to the Heart" by liking the video, favoriting, leaving a comment, and sharing it with your friends. We will continue to go where no harps have gone before! Please subscribe and stay tuned for more of our radical Duet Harp Revolution! This track will also soon be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, CDBaby and Spotify. Check back soon! ...