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Tue, Jun 6, 2023

Several Rush references in new Dad Band short film featuring Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell

Thu, Jul 26, 2018@10:45AM | comments

Last month a new short film directed by Ted Kamp and written by W. Earl Brown titled Dad Band was released online right around Father's Day. The 10-minute film features a group of middle-aged dads getting together to jam in a garage. It stars Brown and Camp along with Eric Stromer, Suzanne Friedline, and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains. Stromer plays the band's drummer, Kamp's character (Abe) plays keyboards, Cantrell is a plumber (Terry) who plays bass, and Brown's character (Jimbo) is a Rush fan who wears a 2112 shirt in the film. The rest of the guys in the band want to play cover songs, but Jimbo insists on doing originals. They attempt to play an original that he wrote, but without much luck, and the rest of the guys get frustrated. Rush gets heavily referenced during a somewhat vulgar exchange at about the 5-minute mark as Jimbo attempts to explain to the guys how to play his song:

Jimbo: ... then you come back in 8/12 time... Think Cygnus-X1: Book 2. No, no - better yet... think The Fountain of Lamneth - first section.
Terry: Dude, I love Rush too, but face it - chicks don't. Alright? It took me longer to get my first wife to go to a Rush concert than it did to try anal. And she said never again.

Abe: to the concert?

Terry: It's one of the reasons we got divorced.

Jimbo: This is not Rush though.

Drummer: Dude it sounds like Rush

Terry: No chick is gonna f**k you to a Rush song. Definitely not up the a**.
Drummer: I'm not saying we can't do originals ... something simple.

Jimbo: Tom Sawyer.

Drummer: No! Simpler ... and NOT Rush. ...

Thanks to Chuck H for the heads up.