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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Donna Halper shares 1975 postcard from Neil Peart

Thu, Jul 5, 2018@6:01PM | comments

UPDATE - 7/6@11:32AM: Donna's postcard inspired UK reader Craig E to pass along a letter he received from Alex Lifeson back in January, 1977 in reply to some fan mail he'd sent Alex in June of 1976. Alex's sense of humor is on full display in his response. Here's a transcription:

Dear Craig,
Forgive my "lateness" in reading your letter dated June 3rd but it is difficult to get into the office and catch-up on all there is. I'm glad to see that Rhonda, at least, managed to corresspond (oops, only one "s" in correspond) after your previous letter.
At this point in time, it looks like we'll be in Britain around the end of May or beginning of June. So far the Rainbow in London will be one date and possibly through Liverpool, Manchester and the North of England/Scotland. We also plan to record our next album there so we should be around for about six weeks.
I hope to take a writing improvement course then or chop my right hand off. One or the other.
Thank you for all your support.

Take care.
Alex Lifeson

Thanks Craig!!

----- snip -----

Rush's "discoverer" and unofficial "big sister" Donna Halper recently uncovered a rare, never-before-seen piece of Rush history among her things, and just shared it with Rush fans via Facebook:

If you are a Rush fan, you may want to see this one of a kind piece of memorabilia. NOBODY (except me) has ever seen it, and I thought it was lost, since I moved a number of times after it was written. But yesterday, I found it, and having first asked whether Neil would be okay with my posting it (yes, it's OK), here it is. It's a postcard he wrote to me in April 1975, just before Rush recorded "Caress of Steel." There's a long back-story about how Neil and I came to be friends, but suffice it to say he kept in touch and wanted me to know all was well. So... a trip down memory lane, in Neil's own words. Enjoy.

Here's a transcription of the postcard:

Hello, Just a line to let you know I'm still drawing breath. I guess there is not much news I could tell you that you don't already know, suffice to say that everything is going terrifically except I'm beginning to get homesick, and have no expectations of getting home before July (sniff!) (note sentence structure) The new album is pretty well written and will be recorded in July. It's going to be a killer!! Out of room and out of breath

Expired, Neil

hope to see you soon

Very cool! Thanks Donna!!