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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Alex Lifeson recounts a 1973 Rush show opening for the New York Dolls in the May edition of the West End Phoenix

Wed, May 16, 2018@12:08PM | comments

Dave Bidini's West End Phoenix monthly community newspaper for Toronto's West End launched this past October and Rush's Alex Lifeson contributes a "storytelling comic" titled The Meaning of Lifeson to the publication, which is illustrated by artist Casey McGlynn. In the May, 2018 issue of the publication, Alex shares his memories from an October, 1973 Rush show at the Victory Burlesque Theatre opening for the New York Dolls. From the story:

... From the first note the audience was spellbound by our performance and couldn't wait till the last one. Between those notes, they made useful suggestions regarding solo sex acts, our moms and turning off our amps.

Rush was doing well financially at this time, so I only had to hitchhike halfway home. I had my guitar with me and walked for 10 minutes in the cooling evening before a couple picked me up. I squeezed into the back and thanked them for stopping. They were pleasant enough and smart, so I figured they were college students. As we got to know each other more intimately, I asked what they had been up to lately.

"We were at the Dolls show at the Victory and it was great except for the horrible opening act," said the cheerful young man driving. "Yeah," said his charmingly cherubic girlfriend, "I wanted to chop that goddamn singer's head off...," and it was here that she turned to face me in the back, "with a dull piece of razor wire." Then she turned away and didn't feel like talking anymore. Me neither.

At the next light, I quietly jumped out the window and commenced the short 35-kilometre walk home in the soft drizzling October rain. Don't hitchhike, kids.

You can check out the full story at the West End Phoenix website here and find out how you can subscribe to the newspaper here.