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Sun, May 26, 2024

Download the new Rush R40 App and enter to win great prizes!

Fri, Oct 6, 2017@9:08PM | comments

UPDATE - 10/11@1:00PM: So far the app hasn't been very well received by fans. The lack of an Android version, its confusing user interface, general bugginess, and limited functionality are cited as the biggest issues. Here's a very informative YouTube video app walkthrough that demonstrates many of its flaws.

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Rush has just made available a new R40 iPhone app that features Rush-themed games, news, historical tour dates and events in Rush history and more! They have also launched a contest where those who download the app could win a Custom 2112 Fender Signature Model Geddy Lee Jazz Bass Guitar or a Limited Edition Rush Starman Marshall Fridge. To enter the contest just follow these instructions:

* Download the new R40 app from the Apple App store
* Scroll through the App pages to the Camera Eye Section and snap your best "Rush Themed Photo"
* Save your Rush Themed Photo to your camera roll and then upload your photo to Instagram by October 31st and use the hashtag #RUSHPHOTOBOOTH

All valid entries will be entered into a draw to win one of the above prizes. The winners will be notified by Instagram direct message in early November. (See contest rules & regs).

I just entered by using their Geddy Lee photo filter - you can check out my photo here. Here's all that the new app offers according to the Apple App Store description:

The 2112 Rush R40 app is finally here!
Travel to the year 2112 with Geddy, Alex & Neil and enjoy daily news & headlines , Rush music, photo booth and trivia experiences as you travel through the galaxy called ...your life . Rush fans will certainly not want to miss out on the latest and greatest from Rush as they continue to defend their throne of Rock n Roll .
Get this NOW before the Priests from the Temple of Syrinx find out.

Heres something you "do" get for nothing:

Finding My Way: Play along with Geddy Neil & Alex with your very own RUSH video game
The Camera Eye: A personal camera feature we call the Kimono booth-create your very own 2112 look
Good News First: Up to date Rush news at your finger tips- never miss out on updates
Spirit of Radio: 2112 30 sec time capsules of iconic Rush music. Updates will be available
Fly By Night: The only place to find Rush tour dates from now until 2112
Chronicles: Daily Trivia and fun facts - "this day in Rush history" Rush facts 365 days a year - be the smartest Rush fan on the block
Show Don't Tell: Rush Wallpapers to show off to friends & family alike - updates will be available