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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

Rush lighting director Howard Ungerleider on whether Rush will ever tour again in new Digital Men podcast interview

Wed, May 24, 2017@12:32PM | comments

In the latest episode of the Digital Men podcast (Episode 52: The Man Who Lit The Lighted Stage), longtime Rush lighting director Howard Ungerleider is interviewed for over 90 minutes and talks about how he got involved with Rush, what he loves and hates about being on the road, tells some backstage stories about Alex Lifeson and gives his opinion on whether or not Rush will ever hit the road again. Here's what he had to say on that subject:

I don't think so. They may play in the studio together. But I don't see it. I don't really see it happening. I mean, you may ask their manager who says, "absolutely". But you know Ged and Al - they enjoy playing. They'll go and they'll do something. It won't be much, but it may be something different. I don't think [Ged and Al] are finished. Neil's had a rough go. He's had a lot of medical issues that prevent him [from touring]. When you're really good at what you do - like a hockey player or any kind of sports figure - and you're at the top of your game, and then you get injured. You can go back out there, but you're not gonna give it your best. And when all your life you try to give it your best, you don't want to settle for something that's gonna be anything less than that. It's the choice of, "I have to opt out". That's what the song "Losing It" is about. Check the lyrics. You get to a certain time when you have to say, I'm not gonna make a fool of myself by trying to attempt to do something I'm not capable of doing anymore. I think that what [Neil]'s capable of doing, what he feels is "less" is probably 10 times better than what anyone else could do. At the same time it's self satisfaction - you don't wanna give any less than you're noted for. There are a lot of people out there that go out on that stage and they're not very good. People say just bad things, and you think why are you even doing it. And that's his feeling - I'm not gonna embarrass myself by trying to do something that I know is going to be very difficult. And you gotta respect that.

You can listen to the entire 90-minute podcast below or at this location, and be sure to catch new episodes of the Digital Men podcast every Sunday evening.