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Thu, Feb 29, 2024

FANTOONS now offering Rush 200g vinyl plus limited edition print bundles

Wed, Apr 19, 2017@3:56PM | comments

FANTOONS has been wowing us with their incredibly creative Rush fan art, prints, books, t-shirts and more for the past couple of years. Their latest offering goes beyond just fan art into the realm of Rush music. You can now purchase unique FANTOON prints of Rush album art, bundled along with a 200g vinyl copy of the album itself. So far they've made bundles for Vapor Trails and Hemispheres with plans for more in the near future. The Vapor Trails bundle includes the 2013 remixed version of the album, but with a FANTOONS print inspired by the original album cover. The Hemispheres bundle celebrates the almost-40 year anniversary of the album with a unique print bundled with the classic album on vinyl. You can check out the print/vinyl bundles along with all of the other great, officially-licensed FANTOONS merchandise via their Etsy store here.