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Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Geddy Lee and John Entwistle's Frankenstein Fender Precision Bass in new Instagram post

Thu, Mar 16, 2017@3:45PM | comments

UPDATE - 3/16@4:16PM: Correction: I had wrongly assumed that Geddy visited the bass on his recent trip to the UK, but that's not necessarily the case. The Frankenstein was sold at auction to an anonymous U.S. bidder back in 2003, so it's more likely that Geddy visited the bass more recently after returning from his UK trip.

Earlier this week we learned that Geddy Lee had recently made a trip across the pond to purchase a vintage 1960 Hofner 500/1 bass from UK-based vintage guitar shop Guncotton Guitars. While on the trip (EDIT: not necessarily true - see above correction) it looks like Geddy also took some time out to visit John Entwistle's legendary Frankenstein Fender Precision Bass, and posted a photo of himself with the Frankenstein to his Instagram page (thanks ChrisK):

Had a blast visiting the current home of John Entwistle's "Frankenstein" Fender Precision Bass...Wow! ...what tone! And what a privilege to spend some time playing that legendary instrument.... #theOx #FenderPbass
#Frankenstein #thewho
#Tommy #liveatleeds #wontgetfooledagain

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