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Mon, May 20, 2024

Geddy Lee travels to Miami to get signatures from Ichiro and Bonds

Sat, Aug 13, 2016@8:51AM | comments

Avid baseball fan Geddy Lee made a trip to Florida yesterday to take in a few Florida Marlins games and add to his autograph collection. Geddy has a number of autographs from players in MLB's 3,000-hit and 500-home run clubs, and added Marlins outfielder Ichiro Suzuki and hitting coach Barry Bonds to his collection Friday afternoon. Ichiro reached the 3,000-hit milestone last Sunday, and Bonds holds the MLB home run mark with 762. While at the game Geddy took some time out for a video interview where he talks about how he became such a big baseball fan and how it's a great distraction from the rigors of the road. Here are some interview snippets from the article, and you can watch the video interview below or at this location.

... "I'm off the road now, and I'm hanging around, digging the summer," Lee said. A friend of the singer asked why not travel to South Florida to take in a few baseball games? Plus, Lee also has a Marlins' contact, having long known, John Silverman, the team's equipment manager. Like Lee, Silverman is Canadian. "He said, why don't we meet in Florida?" Lee said. "We can get Barry to sign a ball, and meet Ichiro, and just hang out for a few days. So it's a fun trip." Before the Marlins faced the White Sox, Lee visited the clubhouse, meeting a number of players. The Marlins responded by blaring on their song system, a number of Rush songs, including "Tom Sawyer" and "Limelight." "You get a little embarrassed, but at the same time it's a little cool that there are fans in the clubhouse," Lee said. "It's a great feeling. I've been a lucky guy in my life. I've had a long career, and I've crossed a few generations now, and I'm able to exploit from my own career to meet guys I respect. It's a great kind of holiday for me." ...