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Wed, Feb 21, 2024

Geddy Lee on The Who - Live At Leeds in new interview

Fri, Jul 1, 2016@8:23AM | comments is currently running a series of articles where they profile some of the more influential live albums in rock's history. One of the albums recently featured is The Who's Live At Leeds, which was released in 1970. Here's what Geddy Lee had to say about it (thanks RushFanForever):

"I was a big Who fan. I still am. Like a lot of people, it started with My Generation for me. I used to go up to Sam The Record Man in town to get my music. That's where I got Live At Leeds one Saturday morning. And the bass in My Generation, I mean, John Entwistle, my god, he was such an absolute influence on me and his playing on Leeds is unsurpassable. I'm a big fan of Summertime Blues on that album, which we covered, to a large degree because of their version.

"I got to see The Who in Winnipeg, Manitoba of all places. They were incredible, but Moon was already gone by then. I never saw them with him, I'm very sad to say. No matter what they do, Pete Townshend's writing has always been at the very top of his craft, the quintessential combination of heavy and melodic. Even today, Live At Leeds sounds so alive, it's a real piece of that period of rock. It's like a bootleg, the artwork, the tone; that was their attitude I think. It was raw: 'Here it is'."