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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Rush reference on last night's episode of HBO's Veep

Mon, May 30, 2016@9:48AM | comments

There was a Rush reference on last night's episode of the HBO comedy/drama Veep (Season 5, Episode 6 - C**tgate). Jonah Ryan is running for US Congress in New Hampshire and in one scene Jonah walks into his campaign headquarters where his director of communications gives him some bad news:

... Sir, as your director of communications, I need to tell you that we just got a letter from the band Rush. They said that we can't use the song "Working Man" anymore because they find you odious...

This mirrors a real-world incident from a few years back when Rush made then Senatorial candidate Rand Paul stop using the band's music in his campaign. You can watch video of the Veep Rush reference below or on YouTube here (thanks Phil Simon):