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Fri, Jun 2, 2023

Geddy Lee attends Pearl Jam show in Toronto last night

Fri, May 13, 2016@10:08AM | comments

UPDATE - 5/18@1:58PM: Here's a tweet from Mike McCready which includes a photo of the whole band with Geddy.

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UPDATE - 5/14@9:30AM: Here's a selfie that drummer Matt Cameron took of himself, Geddy and Jeff Ament backstage at Thursday's show that he then posted on Instagram:

Thank you for all the years of support #geddylee.

A photo posted by Matt Cameron (@foo1232) on

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UPDATE - 5/13@6:34PM: Here's some video of a portion of the Rush shout-out, including the Fly By Night snippet.

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UPDATE - 5/13@12:20PM: Reader Dan R attended the show and sent me this photo of Geddy sitting at the side of the stage.

According to some online reports, Geddy Lee was side-stage at last night's Pearl Jam concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto (thanks Christopher K). At one point in their performance, singer Eddie Vedder acknowledged Geddy and the band played a couple of snippets of Rush Songs. From the forum:

... (Ed refers to the line [in Cropduster] "Let the fluency set it down". It comes from an Italian friend's idea of an American colloquialism. Ed talks about cities and their 'erections' or monuments. He says Rush is monumental. (Geddy Lee is sitting on the monitor wing). The audience cheers loudly. Mike plays a couple of chords from "Fly By Night". Jeff plays a couple of notes from Cygnus X-1. Ed says we have been a band for twenty five years but if we wanted to play a Rush song we would probably have to play for another twenty five. Geddy laughs. Ed continues "they have XYZ (sic) we are more like LMNOP. Getting back to monuments and erections we have the Space Needle and you have the CN tower. This next song was written underneath the Space Needle.") ...

Bernard Chan of the Geddy Lee Fan Club Facebook group was at the show and posted this photo of Ged wandering around backstage after the show, and included this caption:

Geddy at the Pearl Jam concert last night at the ACC in Toronto. Eddie Vedder gave him quite a tribute / introduction and the crowd roared their appreciation. Ged sat at the side of the stage with some of PJ's crew. Here is a photo I snapped of Geddy leaving the area at the end of the show.