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Thu, May 30, 2024

Rush makes Billboard's 2015 Top Money-Makers list

Wed, May 11, 2016@2:51PM | comments

Last week Billboard released their list of the Top 40 Money-Makers of 2015 and Rush made the cut at number 16 with $12 million in total revenue for the year:

The Canadian prog-rockers celebrated their 40th anniversary with the 34-date North American R40 Tour, which earned $10.7 million. Not surprisingly, the trio sold more albums than track downloads stateside.

The vast bulk of the $12 million came from touring - namely $10.7M, with $806.3K due to sales, $122.8K from streaming, and $334.6K due to publishing. So without touring, the band only makes $1 million and some change every year. Maybe the lure of more money will draw them out of their touring retirement sooner than later. You can check out the entire list and see how Rush compared to everyone else at this location.