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Sun, Feb 25, 2024

Geddy Lee talks R40 Live, Rush's future in new Paste magazine interview

Mon, Dec 28, 2015@5:31PM | comments

Geddy Lee recently sat down for a new interview with Paste magazine where he talks about the R40 Live tour and accompanying concert video, Rush's longevity, 2112's upcoming 40th anniversary, Ayn Rand and what the future holds for the band:

Well, I don't know, I can't tell you [if this is it for Rush]. [The R40 Live tour]'s intention was not a farewell tour; its intention was a look back and a celebration of 40 years of music. We happen to find ourselves in a very differing state of mind in terms of doing major tours. Neil is not up for the kind of work that it takes for him to be ready to put out a three-hour show the way we have for the last 20-odd years. So his interest in this kind of touring has dwindled. And that's sort of where we're at. It doesn't necessarily mean we won't do another record together, and it doesn't necessarily mean we won't play another concert together-it just means that for the moment we cannot agree on doing a big tour.

You can read the entire interview online here (thanks Bob K).