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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

Geddy Lee on 40 years of Rush in new A.V. Club interview

Fri, Dec 4, 2015@11:04AM | comments

Geddy Lee was recently interviewed by the A.V. Club for their Set List column where they speak with artists about some of their more famous songs. Geddy talks about Headlong Flight, Time Stand Still, Working Man, YYZ and more, sharing several anecdotes about the songs and how they came about. He ends the interview talking about his one solo project - My Favorite Headache - which released 15 years ago:

That was a real interesting period for me. It was tough because I had planned to do some jamming with my dear friend Ben Mink who is an amazing musician, producer, and songwriter in his own right, and a violinist and guitarist. Because we had been friends for so long, and we had never actually made a record together aside from him playing on the song "Losing It" from our Signals album, we had always planned that some time when the band was on a break, we would just get together and start writing together and see what happened. We were planning to do that, and suddenly tragedy struck Neil's life. His daughter was taken from him in a car accident, and everything got really weird and it was just a horrible period. So I decided after a few months this idea of working with Ben might be a real tonic for me, because I didn't know really whether there would ever be another Rush album. I had no idea; it was not something we were focused on, and people get through tragedies in different ways. I was kind of going crazy and needed something to focus on, so this project that was sort of in the back of my mind with Ben suddenly became critical so we started getting together in my home studio in Toronto and I would go to his place in Vancouver and over a series of months we gathered a whole bunch of material together and then we decided to go for it and make the record.

They then ask Geddy if he'd consider doing another solo album to which he replied, "Yes, I would. Definitely." So might we see another Geddy solo project before another Rush album? You can read the entire article/interview online at this location. Thanks to John at for the heads up.