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Mon, May 20, 2024

Rush one of the subjects on last night's episode of BBC's Mastermind

Sat, Sep 26, 2015@8:38AM | comments

UPDATE - 10/3@10:34AM: Tom Mead was interviewed for yesterday to talk about Rush and his experience on the show.

UPDATE - 9/29@10:23AM: Here's a YouTube video of the entire episode. The Rush portion begins at about the 7:20 mark.

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Rush was the specialist subject chosen in last night's episode of the BBC quiz show Mastermind by contestant Tom Mead. Mead was drilled for two minutes on a series of fourteen questions about the band by host John Humphrys, and ended up missing only two. He missed a question about the real name of keyboard tech Jack Secret (Tony Geranios - he answered Howard Ungerleider) and another asking about who conducted the string arrangements on Clockwork Angels (David Campbell - unsure of his answer). Mead also went on to be the ultimate winner of the night. UK readers can watch the episode online at the BBC website here. Thanks to bh2112 for the info and the heads up.