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Mon, May 20, 2024

Rush responds to the passing of legendary Yes bassist Chris Squire

Sun, Jun 28, 2015@4:03PM | comments

UPDATE - 6/29@9:24AM: A few readers have pointed out that Chris Squire had mentioned meeting Geddy in an interview a couple of years ago:

I have met Geddy Lee a long time ago at Wembley Arena when Rush played there. In fact, I was a possible canditate to produce a Rush album, but when I showed up there, Trevor Horn was sitting next to me. [laughs] I said to Trevor "What are you doing here?" and he said "Oh, I've been asked to come and meet the band because I might be producing them", and I said "so have I!". That was quite a long time ago - the early 80's, I think. ...

So either Squire thought he met Geddy but actually didn't, or Geddy doesn't remember the meeting. It was over 30 years ago so I wouldn't be surprised either way.

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This morning we learned the very sad news that legendary bass player and Yes founding member Chris Squire passed away yesterday at the age of 67. Geddy Lee consistently counted Squire among his biggest influences and had the following to say about his passing via

"Although we never met, I'm so sorry to hear about Chris Squire from Yes passing. As a bass player and innovator on the instrument he was a huge inspiration to me. Simply put, he was one of the greatest rock bassists of all time. My most sincere condolences to his family and friends." - Geddy Lee