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Tue, Jul 23, 2024

New autographed Rush R40 prints from the Andrew MacNaughtan Art Store

Mon, Jun 22, 2015@1:05PM | comments

The Andrew MacNaughtan Photographic Arts site recently sent out a newsletter announcing 2 new autographed R40 celebration prints that they have just made available. From the website:

To celebrate the historic R40 tour we are very excited to announce the release of two never before released Andrew MacNaughtan images that we feel represent his one of a kind relationship with the band. And speaking of the band, we are thrilled to say they have once again given us full support on this project and were generous enough to hand sign these prints. We will be releasing a very limited 40 editions of each print that have been autographed by all three members of the band.

RUSH LIVE Is a 7.5 x 20" Image printed on high quality 17 x 22" Hahnemühle Silk Baryta Photography Paper

Our first print highlights Andrew's unprecedented access to the band as they played live on the Vapor Trails Tour. We chose this shot because it also includes the fans in a pure moment of electricity. The band, the music and the fans all in harmony with Andrew in the perfect spot to capture it. As a lifelong fan himself this is truly a moment only Andrew could have captured.

RUSH PORTRAIT TRIO Is an 8 x 18" Image printed on high quality 17 x 22" Hahnemühle Silk Baryta Photography Paper

Our second print shows the other side of Andrew's relationship with the guys. Intimate portraits of each band member originally shot for Feedback in 2004 This print is a reminder of the close personal ties each shared with Andrew over their 25 plus years working together. The result an artful, honest reflection on the three men behind 40 years of incredible music. ...