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Sat, May 18, 2024

New Neil Peart news update at Backstage Byways

Sun, Jun 14, 2015@2:41PM | comments

Neil Peart has once again updated the news page on his website with a story titled Backstage Byways, where Neil discusses his travels on the first leg of the R40 Live tour. He also talks a good bit about the tour itself and how the band planned and prepared for it. It's full of plenty of tour SPOILERS so be warned. Neil's wife and daughter met up with him for the band's show in New Orleans, and Neil recounts Olivia's first Rush show experience:

... It was also Olivia's first Rush concert, and she loved it. I had thought she might last a song or two, but she danced and air-drummed right to the end. Manager Ray arranged a "box" for them, high up over everything, and Olivia couldn't get over all the people. "There must be two-thousand-and-eighteen people," she said. Ray laughed and told her, "Actually there are about eleven thousand!" Olivia looked puzzled, "Are they all here to see my dad and Uncle Alex and Uncle Geddy?" When Ray assured her they were, she said, "That's too silly." Then she wondered, "Do they know he's my dad?" Ray laughed and said, "They probably do." During intermission she came backstage and ran up to me, arms raised for me to pick her up. Still wearing her big red "ear defenders," she was so excited that she bounced in my arms. "Daddy! It was great! ...

You can read the whole thing online at this location.