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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

New Geddy Lee interview with the Montreal Gazette

Fri, Jun 12, 2015@4:13PM | comments

Geddy Lee recently spoke to the Montreal Gazette's Jordan Zivitz for an interview where Geddy talks about the band's R40 Live tour, along with Rush's future plans. When asked about how this tour may be the last major tour of this magnitude for Rush, here's what Geddy had to say:

... I think that's probably true - and the key words there are "tour of this magnitude." Everybody in the band has sort of a different attitude on this. I say I'm optimistic - I'm not sure my bandmates and pals would state it exactly the same way. I think you have to take that for what it is - it's my view, not necessarily the band view. ... I think it's a bit in flux, to be honest. I think before the tour started, there was a decided mood of the end of our touring life. And I know how much we've all enjoyed it so far. There's been no complaining and some very, very good playing. Maybe that's changed, but I don't feel comfortable speaking for the other two guys. ... [the tour] was very much in doubt until November, I would say. At one point I started planning the tour and I had to stop doing that, because I didn't feel my partners were in the same headspace. So the decision kind of came in November that we would go ahead and do it. ... It's a complicated subject, but there are a couple of issues at stake here. Neil has a young daughter, and he doesn't feel 100 per cent comfortable leaving her so much right now. This is kind of a second kick at the can for him, having a family. And rightfully so, he takes his responsibility as a dad very seriously. So that's an influence. Alex has had numerous health issues, but the overriding one seems to be that he has arthritis, as he's said in interviews now. And he's not sure how that's going to affect his ability to play at the top of his game. And it is in his hands, and that's every musician's nightmare. So those are two factors that I would say are the critical factors in whether we are able to continue to tour or not. ...

And here's what Geddy had to say about the band's future plans:

... I can certainly see us writing together and putting a musical project together. I cannot really tell you how that would present itself in a live situation. I don't know that there is the will from my two partners to do any kind of tour. But I wouldn't exclude the possibility of doing a set of dates, or some one-off things. I don't mean to be evasive, but I can't really answer the question about any future touring, because I don't really know. And the other guys - it's an ongoing conversation, and I would say that it's a decision that's in flux. ...

You can read the entire interview online here.