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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Geddy Lee and Randy Johnson on their friendship and mutual admiration in new interview

Sat, May 23, 2015@12:03AM | comments posted an interview with pitcher-turned-photographer Randy Johnson and Rush's Geddy Lee earlier this evening where the pair discuss their 20-year friendship and mutual admiration. Johnson recently photographed Rush's show in Austin, which was the location of the interview, and will be doing so for several other shows on the R40 Live tour. Here's Geddy Lee on Johnson:

... "One of the things I've always admired about Randy is the thoughtful and intelligent approach he always took to his game," he said. "Always looking for an edge, always looking for a way to be better at what he did on the mound. The way he talked about being accountable. You don't hear a lot of athletes talk about being accountable. I found that inspiring. I took away from that something that I could apply to my own profession."...

And Here's Johnson talking about Geddy:

... "When I was young, I was kind of a free-willed person," Johnson said. "I just kind of got the ball and went out and pitched. There was more to it than that. I enjoyed hearing [Lee's] stories about when they were coming up, and they were warming up for some of the bands that are still out there performing to this day." ... "I'm a friend first, but also a big fan," Johnson said. "I was a huge Rush fan before I met Geddy. To have known and become friends with them for over 20-some years and photograph them on various tours is a huge thrill for me." ...

You can watch the entire interview below or at the website here (*SPOILERS*), and also check out Johnson's gallery of photos from the Austin show. Rush and MLB have also teamed up to sponsor a Rush Off to Chicago VIP Contest where the winner will get 2 tickets to Rush's June 12th show in Chicago, a meet-n-greet with Rush and Randy Johnson, 2 tickets to a Cubs game, hotel and airfare, and $200 spending money. For all the details and to enter, visit