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Thu, Jun 1, 2023

Rush 2112 poster spotted on season finale of Better Call Saul

Tue, Apr 7, 2015@8:50AM | comments

There was a Rush poster spotted in a scene from last night's season finale of AMC's Better Call Saul (Season 1, Episode 10 - Marco). In the episode, Saul goes back to his hometown of Cicero Il (suburban Chicago) to relive some old times with his small-time crook friend Marco, and Marco's basement apartment has a Rush 2112 poster clearly displayed on the wall as seen here. This is the second Rush poster seen on the show this season. Back in episode 4 (Hero) a Rush poster is prominently displayed in the background as Saul chats with a cohort while smoking a bong (screenshot here). Thanks to Eric S for the heads up and Stergios K for the screenshot.