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Thu, May 30, 2024

Neil Peart talks fame, touring in new Toronto Star interview

Sun, Feb 1, 2015@9:48AM | comments

Neil Peart recently sat down with the Toronto Star's Vinay Menon for a Sunday feature on Rush's upcoming R40 Tour stops in Toronto titled Farewell to Kings: new Rush tour could be last. The interview was actually conducted before the band had finalized plans for the tour:

... tour plans were hatched at a dinner the same day Peart and I meet for drinks in Yorkville. Before he leaves to Skype with Olivia and then join his mates and manager, Ray Danniels, it's not clear if R40 will even happen. "Talks are ongoing, but there are no firm plans yet," is how Peart foreshadows it, adding with a grimacing smile: "It doesn't require my participation at this moment." ...

Neil goes on to talk about fame, writing and how he approaches touring:

... "That feeling of going up on that stage every night, to prove the worthiness of your existence, night after night," he says. "That's just the cost and I've found ways to recompense that, absolutely. If I have to travel, I'm going to travel my way and travel in the real world. And I'm going to have conversations every day with people in rest stops and people in gas stations and people in hotels and diners. That nourishes me." ...

You can read the entire interview online here.