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Mon, May 20, 2024

Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair wears Rush t-shirt during Jimmy Kimmel Live performance

Thu, Nov 20, 2014@4:26PM | comments

Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair wore a bootleg YYZ Toronto, Flight 21-12 Rush t-shirt during the band's performance of their new song What Are You Waiting For? on Jimmy Kimmel Live this past Tuesday night. You can watch the performance below or on YouTube at this location (thanks Eric at Power Windows). Adair is a huge Rush/Peart fan as is indicated in his bio on his official website:

... I listened to an album my brother had called "Hemispheres" by Rush. It was intense! I heard music differently all of a sudden and I had to learn how to drum like that! I became obsessed with the drums, air drumming in my room all night and playing along to albums all day. I taught myself in the beginning, learning all the licks from John Bonham, Neil Peart, Tim Herb Alexander, Lars Ulrich, and many others. ...