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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Neil Peart on his pursuit of excellence as a drummer in new Drum Expo 2014 interview

Wed, Aug 20, 2014@8:14AM | comments

Drum Expo 2014As part of and Rhythm magazine's online Drum Expo 2014, Neil Peart sat down with David West for an interview where he talks at length about his pursuit of excellence as a drummer. He speaks about all of the different teachers he's had over the years, his influences, his practice techniques and more. Here's Neil discussing the importance of being respected by fellow musicians:

... "There is nothing I would rather have than the respect of other musicians for what I do, but respect is something you have to earn continually. A lot of times people only respect dead musicians because they can't let you down. Everyone has had that experience of being a fan of someone who suddenly really lets you down. "As a musician it's my responsibility to get better and if people are admiring the work I do then that's even more inspiration to improve and to take it up a notch. The hunger for improvement and exploration and all that really does derive from the acclaim. I know people give me that respect so I feel I have to earn it."

You can read the entire interview online at here.