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Thu, Jun 8, 2023

Alex Lifeson featured in Kidney Foundation's 50 Kidney Stories 50th anniversary magazine

Fri, Jun 20, 2014@9:44AM | comments

Alex Lifeson is one of 50 Canadians featured in The Kidney Foundation of Canada's 50 Kidney Stories 50th anniversary magazine. Alex shares his personal story of his father's struggle with kidney disease on page 9 of the magazine which you can read online here (thanks RushFanForever:

... [Alex's] father's strong work ethic and irrepressible spirit carried him successfully throughout his life, including a courageous journey to Canada from Yugoslavia in 1947 and a number of health challenges, culminating in a final battle with kidney failure from 2000 to 2003. "My father was someone who was able to adapt to constant change all his life," Alex says, "and if he ever did complain, he always made a joke out of it. I remember being with my dad at the hospital when the doctor told him there was nothing more they could do for him and that he should live the last years of his life the best he could on dialysis. I remember like it was yesterday, my dad sitting up in bed, saying, 'but I feel like I am 24'." ...

Alex has been heavily involved with the Kidney Foundation over the last decade, helping to raise thousands of dollars for the charity through his Brush of Hope paintings, and also serving as an official spokesman.