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Thu, Jun 8, 2023

Rush reference in Lifetime original movie Return to Zero

Wed, Jun 18, 2014@10:27AM | comments

Return to Zero bar sceneReturn to Zero is a Lifetime original movie that first premiered on the network last month back on May 17th. The film is a drama written and directed by Sean Hanish and is based on a true story, where a successful couple named Aaron (Paul Adelstein) and Maggie (Minnie Driver) are expecting their first child, but their life gets devastated as they find that the child is dead in the mother's womb. About 40 minutes into the film the character Aaron is out at a bar with his female coworker Dana (Sarah Jones). Their conversation turns to a discussion about sex, which includes a bizarre reference to Geddy Lee:

Dana: 3 beers and you are already sloppy. You're not getting laid tonight.
Aaron: Poor Geddy Lee.
Dana: Who's Geddy Lee?
Aaron: The lead singer of Rush.
Dana: You are old.
Aaron: He is also head of the rhythm section of my personal humpty-hump band.
Dana: Hmmm... Poor little Geddy Lee.
Aaron: He's not little. He's of average to maybe above average height.
Dana: I'm sure he'll be able to lay some sweet beats down once the band gets back together.
Aaron: Jesus Christ ... he's the bassist.
Dana: Too bad. I'm a sucker for drummers.

The entire film is available for viewing online at the Lifetime website. The reference occurs at about the 40-minute mark and runs for a couple minutes. Thanks to PC for the heads up.