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Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Donna Halper discusses Rush's early history in new interview

Mon, Apr 7, 2014@1:36PM | comments

Donna Halper with her Fly by Night gold record and WMMS t-shirtJörg Reiche of the Rock Bottom radio show in Hamburg, Germany recently interviewed Rush discoverer Donna Halper to discuss Rush's early history and her role in it. Donna was the music director at Cleveland's groundbreaking WMMS radio station in the mid-1970s, and helped Rush get their big break into the US market when she had the band's debut album played on the station. In this 1-hour interview, Donna talks at length about this early period of the band's history and her role in it, along with describing her ongoing relationship with the band through the years. You can listen to the entire interview below or at this location (thanks Joe P).