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Fri, Jun 14, 2024

New Neil Peart news update at

Fri, Aug 23, 2013@9:24PM | comments removed/disabled

[NEWS, WEATHER, and SPORTS: August, 2013 - It's Not Over When It's Over]

Just a few weeks after his last update, Neil Peart has once again updated the news page on his website. The August, 2013 entry is titled It's Not Over When It's Over and focuses on the final few shows of the Clockwork Angels tour, particularly the final show in Kansas City:

... The emotional resonance of the final show, in Kansas City, inside us and around us, could only compare to the first show of our Vapor Trails tour, in Hartford, Connecticut, on June 28, 2002. That "new beginning" came after five intensely difficult years since our last performance on July 4, 1997. When that Hartford show was over, I said to our manager, Ray, "It would have been a shame if that had never happened again." He smiled and nodded, and we raised our glasses of champagne.

Eleven years later, that August night in Kansas City was the ultimate tour-ending show in all our thirty-nine years of "roadwork." It affected us in ways we could never have expected, and most of that emotion was centered on the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble. Usually the Guys at Work, band and crew, finish a tour believing it's just a break-that it will all start up again at some point, and we'll all see each other again. All seven of the "stringers" knew that this time it truly was, like the lovely title of a Hemingway story, "The End of Something." ...

Neil also talks about the post-tour bowling party which actor Paul Rudd attended (Rudd made an onstage guest appearance at the Kansans City show), the Red Deer benefit show and more. You can read the entire story on Neil's website at this location.

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