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Sun, Jun 16, 2024

Geddy Lee and Red Sox players attend Toronto Blue Jays game

Mon, Aug 12, 2013@9:38PM | comments removed/disabled

So now that the tour is over, the members of Rush are taking time for some well-deserved rest & relaxation. Neil Peart likely celebrated his daughter Olivia's 4th birthday today at home with family, while Alex Lifeson is probably playing golf. Not surprisingly, mega baseball fan Geddy Lee has been attending some Toronto Blue Jays games. The Boston Red Sox begin a series with the Jays tomorrow in Toronto and had an off day today. So a few Boston Red Sox players decided to take in the Jays game today and were featured on Yahoo! Sports sitting right behind home plate along with Geddy Lee:

... That's Rush singer and Blue Jays megafan Geddy Lee two seats down from the Boston bros. The guy in the middle? Not sure. But now he has a good story to tell about that time he sat between Geddy Lee and Dustin Pedroia at a Blue Jays game.

Thanks to jukebox1742 for the heads up.

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